About us

The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund is a grant making charity established by Deed in 1949 by Sir Harry Jephcott 

Although originally set up to provide hardship and education grants to individuals associated with the Glaxo pharmaceutical company, we have evolved and our primary purpose is now to give grants to community organisations supporting those in need.

Over the years we have supported hundreds of charities working with carers, community arts, education, disability, older people, poverty, integration and rehabilitation. 

However in 2012 the Trustees decided to become more focused in their grant giving to try and make a greater impact on those they are helping.  From 2013 The Triangle Trust has concentrated its grant giving in two sectors; charitable organisations working with unpaid carers and those supporting the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders. 

To help make the organisations in these sectors stronger and more sustainable the Trustees introduced a Development Grant, the emphasis of which is the funding of an organisation's core costs to support the development of a solid foundation for the future.