Helpful tips

Before you complete your application you may find it useful to consider the following indicators of a strong application.  Please also look at our featured grants page to find out what developments are currently being funded.

Meets all of the Development Grant criteria

Do not try to make your work fit into our criteria. If your organisation does not solely support unpaid carers or the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders your application will not be successful.

You must be applying to fund a development that will make your organisation demonstrably stronger as a result; funding for a new project or to expand existing services are NOT developments for the purposes of our grant.  

Is focussed with clarity of purpose

Clearly state what development you want the grant to fund to help make your organisation more sustainable (it is better to stick to one idea).

How will the grant make a difference to your organisation?

Write clearly avoiding the use of jargon and explain all terms and acronyms where used.

Identifies the key people, with appropriate skills, who will deliver the development.

Who will be doing the work? Will you be working with other organisations? Do they have the right skills and experience?

Contains good quality research with a strong business case to support the proposed development.

Include any relevant statistics and supporting evidence that apply to your work to illustrate how it is making a difference, or how it will make an impact in the future.

Provide clear ideas on how you will sustain the income post grant. It is not enough to say that you will apply for further trust funding.

Contains a statement about the number of beneficiaries the organisation supports.

Although we are looking for organisations to make a development with the grant we also want to make sure that the work carried out is making an impact.  

Other things to consider when writing your application:

  • What are the risks and barriers to success and how have you mitigated these?
  • How will you monitor progress? 
  • What will success look like? What changes will have been achieved by the end of the grant?