Areas we fund

We offer funding for community and voluntary organisations working with carers or the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders within the UK


We know that roughly 1 in 10 people are unpaid carers supporting a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.  Carers say access to information, financial support and respite care are essential to help them maintain their own health and quality of life, but this basic support is not always available.  The Trustees recognise the enormity of the task voluntary organisations have in reaching out to carers. We therefore offer dedicated funding for carer organisations where they will not have to compete with applications from other sectors. Unfortunately we can only offer funding to specialist carer organisations rather than those with a broader remit which run carer projects. 

Rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders

Across the prison population including men, women and youth at least 1 in 2 prisoners released will re-offend within a year.  Offenders need information to make the right decisions about their lives in the community: where they will live; how they will gain a legitimate income; how they will rebuild their family ties, or form new ones. They should also be helped to find support for mental health needs and substance misuse.  For the benefit of the individual offenders and society we would like to see the re-offending rates in the UK reduce and offer dedicated funding to organisations working with offenders whilst in prison and after they are released to bring this about. Unfortunately we can only offer funding to specialist offender organisations rather than those with a broader remit which run offender projects. 

Geographical reach

We support organisations working anywhere within the UK, with a registered UK office.  We particularly welcome applications from organisations working in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.